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Central nod to salary hike for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan resource persons

Central nod to salary hike for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan resource persons

TNN Jun 7, 2012, 03.09AM IST

PANAJI: The Goa Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) has received approval from the central government to hike the salaries of its block and cluster resource persons substantially. The poor salaries were the main reason for the Goa SSA's underutilization of funds for the last five years as several block and cluster resource persons would resign while the academic year was in progress due to the pay situation.
The block resource persons, who were paid 12,000 per month so far, will now be paid 25,000 per month. The cluster resource persons will receive a salary of 20,000 per month as against the earlier 10,000.

In the year of its inception in 2005, the GSSA utilized less than half of the amount sanctioned to it. While an amount of 1,102.69 lakh was approved for the year, only 490 lakh was utilized. In 2006-07, GSSA again was able to utilize only half of the amount- 1,108.99 lakh of the 2,096.36 lakh sanctioned to it.
The GSSA was not able to cope again with the annual work plan and budget allotted to it for the year 2007-08. And yet again, only 1,219.33 lakh of the 1,679.86 lakh allotted to it was utilized. Reasons for the underutilization of funds have remained the same throughout-non-filling up of posts of cluster and block resource persons caused during the year due to resignations.
The young graduates who join as block and cluster resource persons choose to resign when better employment opportunities arise during the academic year.
In 2010, SSA had yet again underutilized funds allotted to it by around 50%. Of the 454 lakh allotted to GSSA, only 236 lakh was utilized up to September 30, 2010. The situation is set to change now with the hike in the salaries of the resource persons, who are the key persons in motivating schools and teachers into meeting the academic targets under the SSA programme.

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