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Education panel endorses no detention of students till VIII

Education panel endorses no detention of students till VIII

PTI Oct 13, 2012, 12.59PM IST

NEW DELHI: No student should be failed till class eight, a sub-committee of an apex education body has said, "unanimously" endorsing the RTE proposal but at the same time suggested "evaluation" of the schools and teachers.
The committee, which met here on October 10, has further suggested NCERT to compile the progress of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme which is running in schools across the country and the model followed in different states, said sources.

The sub-committee headed by Haryana education minister Geeta Bhukkal was set up by the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) this year for assessment and implementation of CCE in the context of no-detention or not failing student provision in RTE.
The "no-detention" clause had become contentious after it met with opposition in some states leading to the constitution of the sub-committee.
The panel had also invited suggestions from the members of general public for effective implementation of CCE and no-detention provision.
The sub-committee were unanimous on the view that no-detention does not mean no-evaluation in class.
In its second meeting, it also understood to have examined the final legislation to prohibit unfair practices in school education such as demanding donations for making admissions, overcharging of fees, not issuing written receipts for payments made by students.
The legislation also seeks to check misleading advertisements to cheat students and parents, employing unqualified or ineligible teachers, underpaying teachers and other employees and withholding of certificates and other documents of students who decide to migrate to other schools.
The legislation is expected to be put before the CABE meeting in November.

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