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Girls also rise in madrassas

Girls also rise in madrassas

K R Rajeev, TNN Aug 7, 2012, 06.17AM IST

KOZHIKODE: Muslim girls have breached the final frontier in Islamic education by winning most of ranks in the Samastha Kerala Islamic Education Board examinations held at 9,135 madrassas across the state and in overseas centres. Ending the male dominance by scoring high marks in religious subjects such as Quran studies, Islamic theology, Arabic grammar and the like, girls won 16 of the total 20 ranks.
Incidentally, the feminine success has taken place in the religious learning centres of the main Sunni faction in the state, which forbids entry of women to mosques for prayers. As many as 2.14 lakh students had attended the exams for classes 5, 7, 10 held in June and Plus Two in June and July. All the first ranks in the four classes have been won by girls.

"Though the girls had scored well in previous years, this year they set a record by completely dominating the rank list," Pinangode Aboobacker, general manager of the Samastha Islamic Education Board, which oversees the examination told TOI.
He said girls are more committed and punctual in attending Madrassa classes, usually held between 7.30am and 9.30am daily. The students attend the religious education classes before heading to their normal schools. "The boys often are late and have their own distractions like games and other engagements. This has had a bearing on the results," he said.
Aboobacker said the enrolment of girls in the madrassas have also increased significantly during the last six- seven years. "The decrease in child marriage has been a factor which has enabled more girls to continue with their madrassa education, especially in higher classes. Currently they are the majority in almost all classes," he said.
The madrassas traditionally called 'Oothupallis' were once limited to rote teaching of Holy Quran but now offers computer classes and has adopted modern pedagogical instruments for teaching science and maths. Some even train students in English and Hindi.
The government has spent over Rs 23 crore for 547 madrasas in the current financial year as part of the Central-sponsored madrasa modernization scheme. Around 75% of the teachers who are teaching the newly-introduced subjects are women.

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