Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gujarat: School magazine with vulgar jokes withdrawn,publishing firm blacklisted

Ahmedabad, June16 (TruthDive): The Gujarat government on Friday has blacklisted a publishing firm that distributed magazines to 35,000 government schools across the state, which consisted of vulgar jokes.
Minister of State for Education Raman Vora said that the magazines were supplied to students in the school under the ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ in order to enhance their reading habits, for developing general knowledge and also to keep alive the interest on subjects like  science and maths. The minister said that in the May 2012 issue of ‘Puzzle Magic’ magazine, which possessed four pages of vulgar jokes are highly regrettable which may make the child to lose interest towards his studies.
The firm had violated the contract of work order, apart from being issued a notice for distributing the magazine without the state government’s permission. They dishonored the notice and posted the magazine on May 19 to all the schools, added Vora. “As soon as the matter was brought to our notice, we declared to get back all the copies and also abandoned the work order of the publisher and blacklisted them, said the officer.
Even the opposition Congress criticized the government and demanded immediate legal action against those responsible for the incident.  “These types of magazines will have a very bad impact on the minds of teenaged children as it possessed jokes that cannot be published even in  third grade magazines,” said Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi .
The education department of the Gujarat government has ordered an inquiry into the official distribution of a poor quality magazine with numerous dirty jokes in books distributed across the state’s 35,000 primary schools.
According to  the Gujarat chief minister Narendra  Modi’s pet projects  it has  been ordered  that every minister and official  has to visit at least five primary government schools every day in order to help the children getting adapted to the circumstances. The ministers will also have to interact with students, teachers and village leaders and collect information about the facilities available in schools.
The same pattern will take place in the urban areas of Gujarat from June 28 to 30, said a senior government official.

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