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Minimum 5 teachers for 160 students in Class IX, X

Minimum 5 teachers for 160 students in Class IX, X

TNN Jul 9, 2012, 05.06AM IST

PANAJI: The human resource development (HRD) ministry in New Delhi has decided on a methodology for additional teachers under the Rashritya madhyamik shiksha abhiyan (RMSA) programme for classes IX and X, where schools will have to maintain a pupil to teacher ratio of one teacher for every 30 students.
In these two classes, schools will have to provide a minimum of five subject teachers even if the enrolment is less than 160. For every 30 new students enrolled, schools will have to appoint an additional teacher. Any shortfall of funds above the sanctioned number of posts will be covered by the RMSA programme, central government officials have informed state governments.

The method to calculate the number of additional teachers has been recommended by HRD officials since 2011, but states have been asked to implement the decision from the current academic year, 2012-13.
"As per the framework of the RMSA, it has been envisaged that additional teachers would be provided to states for existing schools in order to bring them on par with the RMSA student-classroom ratio and pupil-teacher ratio. The norm would be to provide five subject teachers for a secondary school with up to two sections per class," the letter to states reads.
States have also been told to fill up existing vacant posts of teachers as it would be 'difficult' to sanction new posts when the existing ones are lying vacant.
"The states would be requested to provide emphasis on appointment of science and math teachers in order to achieve the primary objective of universal access to quality secondary education," the letter to states reads. However, central government officials have said that the distribution of the additional teachers after the first five appointed (for English, science, math, social science and language) will be left to the state.
"It may also happen that there is a common cadre between Classes VIII, IX and X. Here, two-thirds of the teacher may be appointed for the secondary Classes (IX and X) and one-third may be allotted to Class VIII," the RMSA norms state.
As per the HRD's directions from 2012-13 onwards, each classroom in Class IX and X can contain a maximum of only 40 students. The central government also plans to cover government-aided and higher secondary schools from this year under the RMSA programme.

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