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Rift between Kerala CBSE school management, state government over Malayam as subject

Rift between Kerala CBSE school management, state government over Malayam as subject

Preetu Nair, TNN Jun 27, 2012, 11.51AM IST

KOCHI: The rift between Kerala CBSE school managements and the state government has deepened with the CBSE schools alleging that the state government is forcing them to introduce mother tongue -Malayalam - as a compulsory subject in schools till standard X from this academic year. Upset, the CBSE schools have now approached CBSE chairman with a request to intervene.
"Under the guise of implementing Right to Education Act, the state government has been imposing a good number of restrictions and impediments in the functioning of CBSE schools. One major initiation is to prescribe Malayalam as compulsory for CBSE schools also up to X'th level. ... Students belonging to those parents who are under frequent and routine transfers across the country will find it extremely difficult if all the state government follow suit," states a memorandum submitted by the Kerala CBSE School Managements Association to CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi.

Malayalam is taught as a compulsory subject till standard VIII in the CBSE schools in the state. From standard IX, it is an optional subject. But the state government wants this to change from this academic year. "This academic year, the state government has written several letters to CBSE schools, asking us to introduce Malayalam as the first language till standard X. But it is not possible for us to follow this diktat", said Kerala CBSE School Managements Association secretary Dr Indira Rajan.
The memorandum was submitted to Joshi on Saturday in Kochi. Confirming that they have submitted to the CBSE chairman, Rajan said, "Written clarification from the CBSE as well as government of India to the state governments is essential to sort out the role of the state government in the administrative and academic matters of CBSE schools. Otherwise confusion and unrest will continue and our very existence is under threat due to the state government's attitude."
Alleging that under the guise of RTE Act, the state government has been trying to make the Kerala Educational Rules (KER) applicable to CBSE schools in the state, the memorandum states that the local government is interfering in the faculty appointment, fixation of fee structure in CBSE schools and inspection is being carried in CBSE schools by state board officials based on SCERT syllabus.
To counter this, the school management in the memorandum stated that every year NCERT officials should inspect CBSE schools to ensure better compliance and quality in academic matters. "If this is followed the state government insistence for SCERT level inspection in CBSE school can be avoided and any contradiction/ confusion on account of the latter can also be removed once for all," the memorandum states.

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