Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Schools Not Implementing RTE Act To Be Penalized

Schools Not Implementing RTE Act To Be Penalized 
Posted by: Ashwathi Published: Monday, May 28, 2012, 11:46 [IST] 

 The Government of Punjab has come across a decision to penalize those private schools which have not reserved 25% of RTE quota for poor students under RTE Act. As a penalty, the affiliation of all these schools would be cancelled and Rs.1Lakh shall be charged from them as a fine. The District Education Officers have asked all private schools to present records specially stating the seats allocated to poor students under RTE. The Chief Minister of Punjab has directed all the departments to ensure the implementation of RTE in all private schools for supporting the disadvantaged poor families. There is also an issue being noted where many schools were being accused for violating the rules of Right To Education Act. Almost two years have been passed since the Implementation of RTE Act has put into action, but not all of its clauses are being followed by schools in a state. To read about this news please click here... Very recently Mumbai schools had announced that there are no more RTE Quota Available for this year. In-spite of Government announcing that 25% of the student strength will have to comprise those from weaker and disadvantaged sections from this year itself has caught them off-guard. Since most of the schools weer expecting that the 25% provision will be implemented only from 2013, they did not keep aside seats for poor students.

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