Saturday, April 20, 2013

'Grouping students as per ability will improve standards'

'Grouping students as per ability will improve standards'

TNN Apr 2, 2013, 01.23AM IST
JAIPUR: Educationists and NGOs working in the sector strongly recommend the state government to introduce innovative ideas, practices, structures and encourage community participation with proper distribution of human, financial and technological resources for implementing the RTE Act.
Managing trustee of NGO Pratham, K B Kothari is critical of the current model of inducting students at a certain class according to the age. "Majority of the students admitted under the RTE are way below the grade level," he claimed and suggested that students should rather be grouped as per their ability.

Short Term Bridge learning camps may be helpful for students to raise their learning level. Focus on building basic reading skills rather than on teaching from the grade level textbooks will improve the comprehension of students, said experts.
Many recommended outsourcing the teachers training programme for its restructuring and reorientation. Reputed management institutes and consultants must be involved while designing these programmes.
After three years of RTE implementation, need for a new governance structure and bringing innovative strategies to the table is increasingly felt.

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