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RTE discrimination: were teachers representing fears of middle class?

RTE discrimination: were teachers representing fears of middle class?

by Jul 19, 2012

Were the teachers of the Bangalore school, where students admitted in the RTE quota allegedly faced discrimination, just representing the fears of the middle class by remaining inactive despite the children complaining of ill treatment?
“The teacher is representing the fear of the middle-class society. When the teachers went on strike in Karnataka, did we have a counter procession (from the middle class)?,” said Annie Koshi, principal of St. Mary’s School of New Delhi, to CNN-IBN.
“There is a fear of the unknown in everybody, when the teacher is resisting (taking action) she is addressing that fear. We need to acknowledge that the teacher is raising a concern and we have to address that,” she added.
According to the school principal, the main reason the teachers were protesting is the way the Indian education system is run.
“I think the reason is the way we understand education and how teachers understand what education is all about. We are conditioned to look at education as academic achievement,” she said.
“A school does well only when they have everybody passing.Then there is great fear(among teachers) that I have this first generation learner and I won’t be able to get him to learn, I won’t have parental support. So the teacher is afraid of the unknown,” she added.

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