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RTE Puts Development Of City Schools On Hold. Why?

Posted by: Ashwathi Published: Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 14:35 [IST] 
After the new Education Acts were put into action, the City schools feel as caught between rough situations. Implementation of RTE (Right To Education) Act and School Fee Regulation Act, has no longer left running schools as a "Productive" business which has been regretting managements. Despite all these, the Acts have forced schools to put on hold on their development plans and that now even foreign companies are hesitating in collaborating with Indian schools. Among those who have put their expansion plans on hold for now is the Children's Academy Group of Schools. The chairperson of the academy Rohan Bhat raises a question regarding all schools development plans as "On one hand the Government expects schools to provide free education to 25% students, and on the other hand we cannot hike fees. In such a situation, It is no longer possible to run schools. Where will the funds come from?" Initially, we were planning to expand in a few more places, but looking at the current atmosphere, we have put it on hold. Because of this even Foreign companies are thinking twice before collaborating with Indian schools. Before, the Supreme court judgment in April upheld the RTE Act, and HRD Ministry had made a statement what they will make RTE mandatory in all residential and minority schools, two International residential or Boarding schools were to collaborate with a British School in the country, which finally dropped down, he added. According to Raj Mohindra, who is a managing director of a private consultancy that helps international schools set up in India, many stakeholders in Private education are now forming an all-India foundation to protect private education in the country. Further, we need to find out solutions to such problems else, the RTE impact will lead to no perpetuity Schools cannot rely on Corporate for funds. Swati Popat Vats, director of Podar Jumbo Kids says "We are not putting any of our plans on hold. Instead we realize that the solution lies in making parents understand the problems and they are willing to co-operate with us for the sake of quality education. Other schools should follow the same". But, do you think the plans put on hold or talking about the problems to parents would work? What say? Will the issue end with respect to RTE Act or to the schools. Post your views regarding 'RTE act puts plans on Hold of all city schools is worth or not'.

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