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Rural students perform better in English, says study

Rural students perform better in English, says study

T C Sreemol, TNN Jun 24, 2012, 05.37AM IST

THRISSUR: A study conducted by District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) has found that rural students perform better than urban students in English subject. The study, Quality Tracking 2010-11, was conducted among 471 Class VII and 464 Class IV students in government and aided schools in the district.
"We found that Class VII students of Malayalam medium schools were getting more A grade in English than students of urban schools. About 12% students in rural schools perform better than urban students. The study was based on the answer papers of the half yearly examination, conducted in last December", said Mercy P R, who led the study.

Girls perform better than boys in English subject. For Class VII, the study was conducted for Malayalam, English, mathematics, basic science and social science. The study was held in Malayalam, English, environment science, mathematics and Arabic for Class IV.
The study was held in four categories - general, scheduled caste, scheduled tribe and minorities. In English, 35% students of government schools performed better in thoughts and conversation areas. Meanwhile, in speech, students' performance was poor.
The study was held on various aspects of each subject. Sixty per cent of Class IV students performed better in Arabic, 29 % in Malayalam, 30 % in English, 35% in mathematics. However, in environment science, only four percent performed well.
In Class VII, 48% students performed well in Malayalam, 35% in English, 23% in mathematics and 32% in basic science. In social science, only three percent performed well.
Mercy said, the report on the study had been submitted to SSA and they had urged the authorities to take a number of measures to upgrade the academic areas, where students had performed poorly.

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