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SSA has its own way of making appointments

SSA has its own way of making appointments

After ‘First-Come-First-Serve-Basis’, Jobs Advertised In Little Known Newspapers To Limit Publicity


Srinagar, Aug 10: In a glaring instance of muck prevalent in the flagship Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) in Jammu and Kashmir, the Project Directorate had issued advertisement for jobs in two little known newspapers, apparently to facilitate ‘backdoor’ appointments by limiting the publicity to job avenues.
According to the documents accessed by Greater Kashmir, the officials of SSA Directorate had in 2005 advertised 10 posts of orderlies in two little known newspapers of the state, whose circulation is almost negligible, to facilitate appointment of the kith and kin of the officials.  As per the advertisement, 10 posts in SSA were to be filled with five each in Srinagar and Jammu.
The order, a copy of which is with Greater Kashmir reveals that Directorate of SSA vide order number Edu. SPD/SSA/263 dated: 06-10-2005, issued the advertisement in these newspapers allegedly to keep general public particularly unemployed youth unaware about the avenues of employment. Surprisingly, the Director SSA in the said advertisement says that it has been issued in both the newspapers for “wide publicity”.
Ironically, the copy of “dubious” advertisement was then forwarded to the then Commissioner Secretary School Education and private secretary to Minister for Education and private secretary of Minister of State for Education, but none of the three  raised query over the medium of advertisement, pointing towards the mess in the Department.
An official said that Directorate of SSA had violated the norms governing the government departments vis-a-vis issuance of advertisement in newspapers.
“By issuing direct advertisement, they have flouted the rules as no department can route advertisement directly to newspaper. All the government departments have to route the advertisements through information department,” he said.
Pertinently, the dubious advertisement was the first notice issued by Directorate in 2005 for filling of vacancies, as earlier the appointments, under the program, were done on, what government says, “first-come first-serve-basis”.
This newspaper is in the possession of the list of arbitrary appointments made by Directorate before 2005. And many of the appointees are kith and kin of the officials who were at helm of affairs in the SSA Directorate at that time.
According to the sources, an official from Jammu has managed to appoint his six relatives in SSA directorate through dubious means, while another from Valley had provided employment to his two relatives on “first-come, first-serve-basis”.

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