Friday, May 17, 2013

Sixteen Hundred private schools to get RTE fee reimbursed soon

DNA | Mar 20, 2013, 05:32AM IST
Jaipur: Nearly 1,600 private schools of the city will soon get their much-awaited reimbursement amount of free admissions done under the Right to Education Act. 
The education department authorities held a meeting of block education officers(BEO) and directed them to transfer the reimbursement amount to their respective bank accounts. However, the payment will be little for the private schools as they will get meager Rs4,500 as their first installment.
According to an education department official, fee reimbursement of 16,446 admissions in 1,600 private schools will be done. There were a total of 23,088 admissions shown by the private schools but after verifying them, 16,446 admissions were found valid. Now, the fund has been transferred to the bank accounts of block and district education officers and they are directed to further transfer the amount in the bank accounts of the private schools. Meanwhile, some schools of the Dudu block have already received the money. “In the meeting on Tuesday, we directed the block education officers of Jaipur district to transfer the funds to schools in their respective bank accounts. All the schools will get the reimbursement in a week,” said the official.
It is worth mentioning Rs3.5 crore will be paid for 16,446 admissions to private schools. In the first installment, the schools will get half of the total reimbursement amount. The maximum reimbursement has been kept at Rs9,847. However, private schools owners are demanding they be given payment of the last two sessions also while the government is reimbursing the fees of the current academic session.

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