Sunday, January 26, 2014

ANSTA alleges Rs.13 crore ‘hijack’ from SSA salaries

ANSTA alleges Rs.13 crore ‘hijack’ from SSA salaries

KOHIMA, DECEMBER 16: The All Nagaland School Teachers’ Association (ANSTA) has alleged that the Finance Department of the Government of Nagaland has “hijacked two month salary of SSA teachers amounting to nearly 13 crores;” an act it has termed “intolerable.”

In a press release from the ANSTA’s president, treasurer and joint secretary, the Association has informed that “as per vide Order No. SSA/NAGA/SALY-2012-13, dated Kohima, September 17, 2013, the SSA authority had release an amount of Rs.32,49,74,085/- (Rupees Thirty two crore, forty nine lakhs, seventy four thousand eighty five) for the 5 months (June-Nov.) salaries of 2724 teachers appointed under SSA Project and credited it into the State Govt. Account in favour of Director of School Education in the Head of Account 0202-Education vide Challan No. 5 dated 16/09/2013.” In other words, the concerned Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) authority has released the salary for the current year (2013) for teachers appointed under its scheme.

However, the “Finance Department in its order No. BUD/11-31/2011-12, dated Kohima, September 24, 2013, directed the Department of School Education to release the salary of SSA teachers till the month of September 2013 and no payment is to be made beyond September even though SSA Mission Authority had already released salary for its teachers till November payable in December 2013.”

According to the ANSTA, this shows that the “Finance Department or for that matter the Govt. has hijacked the two month salary of SSA teachers amounting to nearly 13 crores. Hijacking teacher’s salary for other purpose is too unbecoming and intolerable as salary is the only sustaining source of the teachers.” In this, the Association has reiterated that the amount being earmarked for the salary of teachers “should not be diverted and utilized for other purposes under any circumstances.”

It informed that SSA teachers “are now State Govt. employees as they had been appointed against the posts creation being made through P&AR and approved by State Govt.” The Association, thus, urged the Government to “initiate all possible means by putting an extra effort so as to release the pending salary without further delayed.”

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