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No attention to pupil-teacher ratio

No attention to pupil-teacher ratio

Written by Baninder Rahi | Chandigarh | April 28, 2013 02:14
The provisions of the RTE Act with regard to pupil-teacher ratio are being violated with impunity in the city-based government schools. Even after three years,the UT Education Department has failed to comply with the provisions of the Act.
According to the data gathered by Chandigarh Newsline from government schools picked randomly,in each class the number of students is more than 30 which is not in accordance with Section 25 of the Act that talks of pupil-teacher ratio.The Act prescribes that for every 60 students,there should be two teachers,and thus a ratio of 30:1 should be maintained in a class (see box).
At Government Model High School (GMHS),Sector 28,class I has 80 students,class II has 74 students,class III has 30 and 34 students in two sections,class IV has 43 and 42 students in two sections,class V has 98 students in two sections,class VI has 88 students in two sections,class VII has 52 and 51 students in two sections,VIII has 53 and 51 students in two sections,and three sections of class IX have 68,60 and 62 students.
Similarly,at Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS),Sector 27,class I has 24 students,class II has 40 students,class III has 47 students,IV class has 41 students,class V has 52 students,class VI has 49 students,class VII has 52 students,class VIII has 45 students,class IX has 78 and class X has 67 students.
The pupil-teacher ratio is worse at GMSSS,Sector 16. Class I has 39,38 and 38 students in three sections,class II has 42 students each in three sections,class III has 44 students in three sections,class IV has 55 students each in three sections,class V has 60 students each in three sections,class VI has 55 students each in sections A and B while 52 students each in sections C and D,class VII has 234 students in four sections,class VIII has 218 students in four sections,class IX has 237 students in four sections,and class X has 248 students in four sections.
At GMHS,Sector 34,class I has 54 students,class II has 62 students,class III has 49 students,IV class has 54 students,class V has 45 students,class VI has 45 students,class VII has 52 students,class VIII has 59,class IX has 119 students in three sections and class X has 90 students in two sections.
The situation is not different at GMSSS,Sector 19. Each class starting VI standard has more than 50 students in different sections.
When contacted,Director Public Instructions (Schools) Upkar Singh said,“Education Department is working hard to implement the Act. Earlier,the overall pupil-teacher ratio was 34:1,but after around 880 teachers joined the schools this February,the ratio has come down. Still,we know in certain schools the students are more than teachers. The department is working to create more infrastructure.”
However,school principals say the number of students in each class will increase as admissions are still on.

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