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Parents run after renowned schools under RTE

Parents run after renowned schools under RTE

DNA   |  Apr 12, 2013, 03:57AM IST

Indore: The state school education department is facing a challenge in motivating parents to apply in lesser renowned private schools under the free and compulsory Right to Education (RTE) act.
The second round of RTE admissions has started in the city but the scenario hasn't changed much in the last three years as parents are still hitting the most renowned private schools of the city.
Due to this a large number of seats are going vacant in other private schools.
"The meaning of RTE has become synonymous to admission in renowned private schools," said joint director school education S B Singh.
"The seats in lesser renowned private schools are going vacant as parents are not applying there despite our request to them for applying in all the schools in their ward," he added. Although insiders in the department said that a drive may be started to motivate parents to apply in the schools of their ward, Singh refused of carrying out any such campaign soon.
"It is not possible to start such a drive because are too assertive on their children's education but we have told them to apply everywhere," he said.
In the last two years of right to education (RTE), a large number of seats in city schools were left unfulfilled due to the similar challenge before the department of promoting lesser renowned private schools.
Over 3,500 children are expected to be admitted in private schools of Indore in the second round of RTE admission.
"3,800 children were admitted in February from across Indore and neighbouring districts and we are expecting a similar number of enrolments in the second round," Goyal said.
Goyal said, "The biggest issue is that parents only want admission in renowned schools and they are not applying in lesser renowned schools due to which the competition is confined to bigger schools".
He said that schools can enroll students of neighbouring vicinity to provide maximum benefit to students which are as per the directive of the state government.
Parents can apply in schools till April 20 after which admission will be given through lottery system on April 25 in the presence of government officials.
City schools will be giving preference to the waiting list students of the first list in the ongoing second round of admission under the Free and Compulsory Right to Education (RTE) act.

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