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Pvt schools to get notice for RTE non-compliance: Minister

Pvt schools to get notice for RTE non-compliance: Minister

TNN Apr 17, 2013, 01.07AM IST

GURGAON: Private schools, which have failed to comply with the norms mentioned under the Right To Education (RTE) Act, will soon be served show-cause notices and eventually face closure by the state's education department for non-compliance.
This was stated by state education minister Geeta Bhukkal on Tuesday, who said this is as per a recent order from Punjab and Haryana high court.
"After the implementation of the RTE Act, recognition is compulsory for all private schools. Show-cause notices will be served to all such schools which do not fulfil the norms as per the Act," she said.
Meanwhile, private schools have been given one-year extension to fulfil the prescribed norms to be eligible for recognition.
"Apart from implementing the Act, we are also taking steps to introduce educational reforms. Efforts are being made to ensure that no child remains deprived of education," said Bhukkal.
The state education department has also decided to provide basic infrastructure to all government schools across the state, including desks and chairs for students.
This was announced by the minister, who said the process to supply dual desks to all government schools in the state was in progress.
"We are trying to ensure that not even a single child has to sit on the floor in schools. For this, Rs 100 crore will be spent on purchase of dual desks in 2013-14," Bhukkal added.
"Dual desks are being provided in all the government schools. There was some delay in providing the desks but now these are being made available in all schools," she added.
A sum of Rs 15 crore has already been released for the same.
Earlier, there was a provision of Rs 45 crore for providing infrastructure which has been increased for the present financial year.
"Teachers associations are giving creative suggestions along with their demand letters, which is commendable. Qualitative change in education could be brought with the cooperation of teachers," the minister added.

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