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RTE reserved seats go abegging

RTE reserved seats go abegging

Payal Dhawan, TNN Apr 18, 2013, 06.56AM IST

LUDHIANA: Lack of awareness causes seats to be vacant under the Right to Education Act (RTE) in private schools. According to private school authorities, they have reserved 20 per cent seats for needy students, but not even a single applicant has come to apply for this quota, as there is a lack of awareness. Most residents are not aware about the Right to Education act which provides for the facility of free education from the age group of 6 to 14 years.
The government, on its part, is doing nothing to make people aware of it. The government had organized an awareness seminar last October, but only for the principals of private schools and not for the general public. Thereafter, not even a single initiative has been taken by them to spread awareness about the reserved quota and free education provided under the RTE act. Poonam Bedi, a resident of Urban Estate, says: "I have never heard about any reserved quota under the RTE act in schools. What about the procedure of applying for this particular quota? Why has the government not taken any initiative to inform people about it? Making fine rules are not enough, you also need to implement them in an appropriate way."
There are some people who have heard about the RTE act, but do not know the details. Ishika Duggal, a resident of Model Gram, says: "I have heard about the RTE once or twice but don't know about it in detail. I actually do not know how the act is helpful for us and others. The government needs to take the initiative to spread awareness about it."

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