Friday, January 24, 2014

State of education upsets Sisodia

State of education upsets Sisodia

TNN Jan 3, 2014, 04.35AM IST

NEW DELHI: On Thursday, higher education minister Manish Sisodia metauthorities and was not pleased with what he saw.
A statement from AAP, issued late Thursday night, said officials had made a presentation on the section of higher education under them but weren't able to answer the questions Sisodia put to them. He expressed concern over the state of higher education. The statement adds that while there is provision for scholarship to underprivileged students which reduces the cost by 50%, last year only seven students benefited from it.
Sisodia also noted that data furnished in the presentation was insufficient.
According to them 2.65 lakh students finish high school in Delhi every year, of which only 90,000 manage to secure admission in higher education and of them, 70,000 manage to get admission in institutions under Delhi government. Only 20,000 get into Delhi University. And 20,000 of the 2.65 lakh go for jobs. Sisodia feels the government is responsible for their state.

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