Thursday, February 13, 2014

Education dept sets fresh norms to open new school divisions

Education dept sets fresh norms to open new school divisions

KOLHAPUR: The school education and sports department has come up with a revised set of guidelines for formation and continuation of divisions in high schools across the state.

The revised guidelines issued on November 20 focus on the number of students required for a division to function in schools in rural, urban and tribal areas.

The notification states that with the Right to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009, the high school has been restricted for classes IX and X only and hence the department needed to draw revised guidelines for the schools for the continuation of the division and formation of new ones.

Class VIII, which has been included under the primary education as part of the RTE Act from this academic year, has left classes IX and X under the secondary education. On the other hand, classes XI and XII are termed as higher secondary or junior college.

In the earlier notification, the education department had set a minimum student limit for the urban area schools of 25 for the first division, 50 for second, 75 for third and 100 for the fourth division to become operational.

The revised guideline has increased the number of students to set up a new division. Schools in the urban area will now need 25 to 70 students for a division to start. If a particular school wants to start another division, the number of students must increase from 71 to 120.

The rural and the tribal areas have got a little breather on the number of students to operate a division. According to the notification, tribal and rural schools need at least 15 and 20 students, respectively. However, the maximum number of students for the division should not exceed more than 60. To start another division, the schools will need to have at least 61 to 110 students.

In a way from first division after, the urban, rural and tribal schools need to have at least 50 students to be eligible for the formation of new division after the first division, than the earlier 25 students for urban, 20 for rural and 15 for tribal area, the notification added.

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