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Govt lauds private body's efforts, invites it to RTE meet

Govt lauds private body's efforts, invites it to RTE meet

Bangalore, Nov 1, 2013, DHNS :
The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has invited members of the Right To Education (RTE) Task Force — a group of NGOs, child rights activists and parents — for a meeting on November 5 to address complaints about implementation of the landmark law in the State.

The invitation has been hailed as the government’s endorsement of the task force’s efforts over the last year to ensure the RTE Act is enforced effectively.

Nagasimha G Rao, of Child Rights Trust who is part of the task force, said the move was a push for enthusiasm. He said the DPI had taken note of the general public’s participation in monitoring the RTE Act. “It is a positive sign for us as when we had set out, organising ourselves into this group, our members were often not even allowed in schools,” Rao said
In the course of one year, parents associated with the task force visited schools in their localities to ensure the law is enforced effectively. But they faced many a hostile situation as schools questioned the task force’s authorisation. Members of the child protection commission and panchayat standing committee are also expected to attend the meet next week.

The task force members hope to share inputs and make recommendations on corporal punishment, entrance tests conducted by schools for admission (in violation of RTE norms) and making CBSE schools more accountable in the State, among several other issues.

Parents have, over the past year, highlighted examples of discrimination in schools, collection of unauthorised fee and the inaccessibility of officials concerned. Rao said such concerns would be brought to the fore at the upcoming meeting.

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