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Govt plans steps to fight faculty shortage in schools

Govt plans steps to fight faculty shortage in schools

Minati Singha, TNN Feb 6, 2014, 03.56AM IST

BHUBANESWAR: The state government is planning various steps to address the acute shortage of teachers across state schools.
Among others, there are proposals of increasing the capacity of teacher training institutes (TTIs) and opening one-year bachelor in education (BEd) courses at university and college-levels, officials said.
The state has been facing acute shortage of professionally trained teachers, leading to a fall in the quality of lessons imparted to students of particularly government schools. The expansion of elementary education under Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA) and secondary education under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) has increased the demand of trained teachers in the state.
"Professionally prepared teachers being the main providers of education, the quality of schooling will be seriously affected without the required number of trained teachers in our schools. Therefore, finding ways and means for bridging the gap between demand and supply is very urgent," said a senior officer in the school and mass education department.
An urgent meeting in this regard has been called by the department on February 10, sources said.
The sources said the state has about 2.89 lakh teachers at the elementary level, of which 2.29 lakh belong to government schools, apart from 12,000 untrained teachers and unqualified ganasikhyaks.
There are about 11,600 vacancies every year at the elementary level. Similarly, at the secondary school level, of the 43,886 teachers' posts, about 2,492 posts of trained graduate teachers are vacant, while the annual vacancies is around 2,100, official sources said.
While 63 TTIs produced about 2,800 trained teachers, against the annual attrition of 6,300 posts, at the elementary level, the 15TTIs produce 1100 teachers at the secondary level, against the annual attrition of 1,300 in state.
"The state government has sought permission from National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) to increase intake capacity of a few TTIs to meet the challenge of demand supply mismatch," said the officer adding the possibilities of opening one-year BEd courses in state universities and autonomous colleges will also be explored. "Department of higher education and department of school and mass education will soon work out the details of startling such programme. NCTE, UGC and ministry of human resource development's approval will also be sought for launching such programmes," the officer maintained.

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