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Private schools protest as govt reimbursing only tuition fees under RTE

Private schools protest as govt reimbursing only tuition fees under RTE

TNN Oct 22, 2013, 04.45AM IST

JAIPUR: The private schools in Rajasthan are up in arms against the state education department for considering only tuition fees for reimbursement for students admitted under Right to Education Act, 2009. Currently, the education department teams are conducting inspections of private schools with regard to admissions under the Act. During the inspections, the teams had refused to consider fees charged under heads like development, sports, library, examination and caution money. It is estimated that tuition fees constitute only about 40% to 60% of the total fees charged by the schools.
Vidya Bharti Society, which has 462 schools in Jaipur region spread in 12 districts, have opposed the education department stand. B L Natiya, president of society said: "The education department has refused to reimburse fees charged under different heads other than tuition fees. This is unjust. Our schools would be in big financial trouble if the department doesn't change it stand."
Some schools pleading anonymity said department teams have also refused to consider transport charges they are providing to students admitted under RTE Act. "Generally, schools charges transportation cost separately from those who avail this service. We tried to explain this to the team but our pleas fell on the deaf ears," said a private school principal.
Some of them have decided that under the present circumstances, they are not in a position to provide free transport to students admitted under RTE. Schools also plead that tuition fees is only sufficient for giving salary for teachers. "Facilities like sports, library, activities like calling speakers, visits and campaigns require funds. Schools have no other source of income than fees, " said Natiya.
Meanwhile, government officials have justified their move saying that fees charged under different heads has nothing to do with the teaching or academics.

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