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Will move court over RTE violations by schools: Activists

Will move court over RTE violations by schools: Activists

TNN Nov 30, 2013, 03.02AM IST

HYDERABAD: Criticizing the state administration for ignoring the continued violation of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, child rights activists on Friday said they will move the high court if the government fails to act within 15 days.
Activists said the education department has not acted on various representations and said a major violation pertains to new admission of school students. "According to the RTE Act and GO 42, the admission process should not start before April 14 of an academic year," said Achyuta Rao of AP Child Rights Association. "However, schools have started inviting applications since the past few weeks for the 2014 academic year. These schools have been publicizing and advertising it through various media. Even though this is in gross violation of the Act, no concrete action has been taken against these schools," he said.
Showing posters of various school advertisements at a media conference held in the city, activists demanded that these schools be stripped off their recognition with immediate effect to serve as a precedent. "The state has seen a complete privatization of the education sector. The influence of the private education institutions is so much that they are able to influence the officials against acting on them. When compared to other states, our state fares very badly in the implementation of the Act," Rao added.
The activists also felt that due to violations like these, students from weaker sections would suffer. According to the RTE Act, 75% of the seats can be filled up by the schools managements whereas 25% is to be filled up by the state government. "This 25% is exclusively reserved for the weaker sections," said child rights activist Anuradha Rao.
"We learnt that the school managements are in a hurry to give out applications and fill up the seats. This is being done since managements can make more money in the form of donations," she added.

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