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Delhi schools violating RTE provisions: Survey

Delhi schools violating RTE provisions: Survey

PTI Sep 30, 2013, 06.29PM IST

NEW DELHI: It has been more than four years since Right to Education ( RTE) Act was enacted but its provisions are still being violated by government institutions in the capital, according to a survey by an NGO.
The CRY study conducted in six districts of Delhi covering 131 schools claimed to have found many infrastructural gaps.
As per the Act, there should be 40 students in a single classroom, but around 80-120 children are made to sit in single classroom, the report says.
The ideal student teacher ratio is 40:1 but it is neither maintained in MCD schools nor in government schools because there have been no new appointments by the city government since the inception of Act.
In case teachers have been appointed, they are only on contractual basis.
As per the report, outdoor game facilities were not available in 28 per cent schools. In west Delhi, 80 per cent schools did not have the facilities whereas in east and north-east half of the sample schools did not have it.
In south Delhi, 30 per cent schools did not have outdoor game facilities.
Also, indoor game facilities were absent in 28 per cent schools. 24 per cent of schools did not have a library. In east Delhi, 83 per cent and in west Delhi 80 per cent schools did not have the facility, according to the survey report.
The conditions of toilets were found to be very bad, the report said, adding that unhygienic conditions in government schools is one of the major factors for dropout.
Due to such conditions, children suffer from various diseases which results in leaving the school.
Out of the schools covered in the survey, only 44 per cent schools have clean toilets. The rest 66 per cent schools lack hygienic conditions.

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