Bhopal: Integration of identified primary and middle schools begins

Bhopal: Integration of identified primary and middle schools begins

Bhopal: Integration of identified primary and middle schools has started in the state capital on the instructions of Collector. Overall 20,656 school premises have been identified for this purpose which include 45, 384 schools to be merged in the state. Overall 40,102 Primary schools and 6221 middle schools have been identified to be merged as they have student’s strength of less than 40.
One premises one school would also include higher secondary and high schools. 1941 higher secondary schools and 2972 high schools, 20235 middle schools and 20233 primary schools too would be merged into one campus under this scheme.
Central government had proposed this scheme under which Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan are to be merged to improve the quality of education besides enhancing learning ability of the students and standardization of school education. Scheme has been initiated with merger of primary and middle schools. Moreover, NCERT books have now been prescribed for covering syllabus in these schools.
Earlier at a high level meeting, the senior officials including school education minister Vijay Shah had assured that no school would be closed. He had then also stressed that this step would improve infrastructure of the schools in the state.


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